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unit 1, No 15 zabeti Ave
Heravi sq, Tehran, Iran


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Light SouciAbout us

we are designing and producing decorative light fixtures,glass objects,interior and architectural features

This is a distinctive trait of our production. The proce ss starts with an idea that our designers bring to life in their visualizations. Based on their designs, we prepare the object‘s structure and assign the production of the individual components. We provide everything necessary for the assembly and install the final work in the desired place, of which the product becomes an integral part. Our clien ts only need to specify their visions, wishes, or requirements, and we deliver an individual solution tailored to their interiors.   After receiving a request from an interior designer, we draw an initial sketch, which gives us the basic outlines of the light feature. Our design team then continues to work together to work out the exact shape, components and technical execution,then Using 3-D modelling programs, we create the visualization of the light feature. This allows us to see the complete shape of the light feature, the colours and all the components used. We can modify even the most subtle of visual details. When using entirely new lighting components or if requested by the client, we produce samples and after the visual form is approved, we draw the exact construction design. This is essential for starting production and ensuring that installation goes smoothly and the light fixture is safe. Our production uses both the latest innovative technologies and traditional handcraftsmanship. The production lead time primarily depends on the complexity of the design, the number of manufacturing processes, and the quantity of pieces ordered. It can range from six weeks to six months. Before the goods are packed and shipped, every component has to be inspected and polished.

Light fixtures are one of the last elements to be installed in order to minimize the risk of dust from other construction work. The client can decide whether to arrange for his own installation or use our experienced team. With the complex design of these light features weighing up to several hundred kilograms, installation work demands great physical strength and skill so when project completed. Light fixtures tend to be one of the most dominant features of any interior, creating luxury atmosphere and adding to the overall feel of the space, rather than just serving as a decorative light source.